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NHS Charges

At DCO Dental Group, we are predominantly an NHS service. As well as routine care, such as examinations and x-rays, we also carry out treatments that are clinically necessary for you to maintain good oral health. The NHS allow us to provide any treatment required to keep your mouth and teeth healthy, functional and pain free, including:

NHS Dental treatment is charged under 3 Bands, rather than per item. As of 14th Decemeber 2020, charges are as follows:

Band 1 dental treatment: £23.80

Depending on what’s necessary, this can cover:

  • Examinations, assessment and report
  • Advice, diagnosing and planning of your treatment
  • Advice on preventing future problems, such as diet advice and cleaning instructions
  • Applying sealants or fluoride preparations to the surfaces of your teeth
  • A scale and polish

Urgent treatment appointments when you need to see a dentist also costs £22.70.

Band 2 dental treatment: £65.20

Depending on what’s necessary, this can cover everything listed in band 1 above, plus:

  • Non-surgical treatment of periodontitis (a severe form of gum disease) – such as root planing (cleaning bacteria from the roots of your teeth) or deep scaling and a polish
  • Surgical treatment of periodontitis
  • Fillings
  • Sealant restorations – when sealant is used to fill a small hole and seal any grooves in your teeth
  • Root canal treatment (endodontics)
  • Apicectomy – removing the tip of the root of a tooth
  • Removing teeth (extraction)
  • Oral surgery – such as removing a cyst
  • Soft tissue surgery to the mouth or lips
  • Relining and rebasing dentures
  • Adding to your dentures – such as adding a clasp or a tooth
  • Splinting loose teeth – for example, after an accident or due to periodontitis; this doesn’t include laboratory-made splints

Band 3 dental treatment: £282.80

Depending on what’s necessary, this can cover everything listed in bands 1 and 2 above, plus:

  • Veneers – new surfaces for the front or back of a tooth
  • Inlays, pinlays and onlays – used to restore damaged teeth
  • Crowns – a type of cap that completely covers your real tooth
  • Bridges – a fixed replacement for a missing tooth or teeth
  • Dentures

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NHS Choices

At DCO, we are committed to our patients and are proud of the ratings and reviews we receive. Check out our NHS Choices page to see our reviews & ratings:

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