( 27th March 2020 )

Dear Patients,

We have now received further guidance that all face to face dentistry must now cease. Practices are now closed to the public.

We do still have staff working to answer calls and clinicians are available to triage emergencies. Please note these emergencies are:

For other, less urgent emergencies - please see below our Advice Sheet for managing toothache at home.

Provisions are urgently being put in place so that patients will soon be able to access a centralised urgent dental care service. As soon as this is up and running, we will update you further.

Please stay safe and follow government measures to help tackle COVID-19.

Best Wishes,

The team at DCO Dental

Dental Emergencies Homecare Advice
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( 19th March 2020 )

Dear Patients,

I am sure you aware of the current situation the country is facing regarding COVID-19.

Firstly, all the team at DCO would like to send you our best wishes - and we hope that you and your families and friends stay safe during this worrying time.

We have, last night, received some local guidance - and so are writing to you to let you know how DCO will be operating over the next few weeks at least.

We have been advised that ALL routine examinations are delayed.

We are to try and minimise aerosol generating procedures (drilling and scaling for example)

We are to try and protect our vulnerable patients by assessing if you are in one of those categories and advising you to refrain from dental visits, unless you are in pain.

The dentists are currently assessing treatment plans and communicating with reception as to which patients we think we can see.

Please bear with us during these difficult times - and work with us to follow guidance:

If you develop symptoms up to 7 days after attending DCO Dental Group - it is really important that you please call us and let us know.

Take care during these trying times.

Best Wishes,

The team at DCO Dental